How to Change Your Mercedes-Benz Key Battery

November 21st, 2018 by

Every once in a while, the battery for your car key remote needs to be replaced. Fortunately, while nobody likes when their car key stops working, replacing the battery on a Mercedes-Benz key fob is simple. Learn how to change your Mercedes-Benz key battery on your own below with these step-by-step directions from Mercedes-Benz of Henderson.

Figure Out Which Mercedes-Benz Key Model You Have

There are two different types of Mercedes-Benz key models, and the type you have determines how many batteries you’ll need. The type of key model also determines how you’ll change the battery. The Smart Key, made for older Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is usually made of plastic. Both the new and old version of this key needs two batteries.

However, if you have a newer Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you most likely have a Chrome Key. Chrome keys have a metal casing and can come in one of two versions: a new model and an old model. The new version of this key needs one battery, and the older version of this key needs two. How do you tell which key you have? An easy way to distinguish between the two keys is by looking at the panic button. The newer version of the Chrome Key has a panic button shaped in a triangular shape, while the older version has a panic button in a circular shape.

Open Your Mercedes-Benz Key Fob

To change the battery, you first need to know how to open your Mercedes-Benz key fob. This process differs slightly for each key version.

To open your Smart Key, follow the steps below:

  • Pull the sliding tab on the key, and pull out the key that is inside of the fob.
  • Then, move the key to the opposite side of where it can be inserted completely, and push down towards the fob.
  • Remove the back of the key, and take out the old battery. Put the new battery in its place, making sure that the new battery is facing the right way.

To open a Chrome Key, proceed with the following steps:

  • Find the silver, square-shaped tab on the bottom of the Chrome Key. Pull on this bottom tab until the key releases from the fob.
  • Push the key into the small gap in the fob. The gap will be visible after the key comes out.
  • After the cover is off, you will see the old battery. Take out the old battery, and put the new battery in the fob facing the correct way.

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