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Protect your vehicle & help kill bacteria while providing a 90-day shield of confidence against bacteria which cause odor, staining, discoloration, mold, & mildew.


Benefits of BioPledge

Continuously works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of microbes which can cause stains and odors

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Harmful Microbes

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Environmentally Friendly

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Removes Odors Coming from Air Vents

Everyday Protection

Disinfects as it Cleans

Provides surface protection up to 90 days


If you’re ready to provide the best in protection for you and your Mercedes-Benz, call us at (702) 485-3150, or schedule your service today.

What is BioPledge AMP?

BioPledge AMP contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial that inhibits the future growth of microbes, bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast.

Why is a germ-free vehicle interior important to me?

Microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, algae, or fungus) infiltrate your vehicle through front air vents, open windows, open doors, and by the driver and passenger(s) inside of your vehicle. These germs and microorganisms may transfer to you and your passengers.

How does BioPledge AMP work?

BioPledge AMP is an antimicrobial technology that disrupts the cell membrane. The application of BioPledge AMP will destroy harmful bacteria along with fungi, algae, mold, and other potentially dangerous microbes in the vehicle's interior on treated surfaces.

Is BioPledge AMP environmentally-friendly?

Absolutely. It compliments our clients green strategies and commitment to a green environment. BioPledge AMP is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as an antimicrobial formulation that is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-leaching, and free of heavy metals, poisons, and other dangerous components. There are no hazardous materials used in BioPledge AMP so there are no "poisons" that could transger to the environment. No toxins are on the vehicle interior that could potentially transfer to the skin.

How long does AMP last?

Under normal conditions, BioPledge AMP will not lose its strength for months at a time. It continues to destroy potentially dangerous microbes around the clock and cannot be removed with normal cleaning (even steam cleaning) since it actually becomes part of the treated surface.

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Why Service With Mercedes-Benz of Henderson?

Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and Delivery takes the stress away from regular maintenance - we come to you!

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Courtesy Vehicle

Receive a complimentary Mercedes-Benz Courtesy Vehicle.

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Shuttle Service

Our complimentary shuttle will take you to nearby destinations, your home or workplace while your Mercedes-Benz is in for service.

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Saturday Service

We’re open on Saturdays from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Car Wash

Receive a complimentary car wash at our Henderson location.

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Multipoint Inspection

Our Certified Technicians perform a complimentary multipoint inspection each time your vehicle is in for service.

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Express Service

We can have you in, out and on the road in no time and most services will be completed in 60 minutes or less.

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VanCare Express

Let’s turn downtime into go time with the all-new VanCARE Express, the fast lane for faster service.

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After Hours

Can’t make it during regular hours? Take advantage of our early bird and night drop off for your convenience.

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Enjoy our café and guest lounge while your Mercedes-Benz is being serviced.

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