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Mercedes-Benz F1 Deconstructed

From food to fashion to literature the "Deconstructed" trend seems to have penetrated nearly every industry out there. Highly controversial among artists worldwide, it involves breaking things down to their basic elements, often skipping any formal structure. Until just recently, however, it hadn't made its unmistakable mark on the auto industry. Not until, a deconstructed 2010 GP Petronas F1 went on display at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, UK.

The display itself was arranged by Dutch artist Paul Veroude. And, given the fact that the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 comprises 3,200 different components and nearly each is individually hung by the ceiling, it's something you really have to see to believe. Incredible just doesn't cover it.

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz GP Petronas F1 is the first car Veroude has deconstructed for the sake of art. It took him 90,000 hours (3,750 days) of design time and 200,000 hours (8,333 days) of construction... or should we say deconstruction.

Looking up at the deconstructed F1 display, museum goers will be stunned, seeing even small elements such as gears and clutch plates. And, just in case anyone is counting parts, Mercedes-Benz World does offer the disclaimer that the display is a work of art, not an exact replica.

If you find yourself heading to the UK anytime soon, you most definitely will want to check it out. In addition to the F1 exhibition, you can also get a hands-on experience with all Mercedes-Benz cars (even take the latest models for a test drive around the handling circuit), tour other exhibitions, hit the cinema, and enjoy a bite to eat at the onsite cafe and Gullwing restaurant.

Love Mercedes-Benz? Stay tuned.  Mercedes-Benz of Henderson in Nevada is dedicated to keeping you informed on all things having to do with the tri-pointed star.

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